5 Years Sober Today – Day 1826

There is not much to say really. On 1st April 2016 I had my last Day 1. I did not know it then but I was making the best decision of my life.

Getting sober is not always easy but I can tell you it’s easier than a life dependant on alcohol.

I was never a heavy drinker, there were no DUI’s or lost jobs. I just consistently drank more than I wanted and broke every promise I made to cut down or moderate my intake.

From the outside, I was holding it all together, but inside it was a different story. Anxiety, self loathing and shame were slowly eating away at my self-esteem and mental health.

I thought I would be sacrificing so much when I stopped drinking. Little did I know that given some sober time, I would actually gain much more than I thought possible.

One of the things that helped in the early days was committing to 100 days (as I could not consider ‘forever’) Then, once the decision was made I had to trust in that decision no matter what.

The way you feel at day 100 is massively different to how you feel on day 1, 10, or 50.

If you are on your sober journey then trust in your decision and keep going.

You can read my story from Day 1 here

Mrs Mac