Observations – Day 37

I’ve just arrived home after a lovely lunch out with the girls for a friend’s birthday. I took the car and was very proud that I managed to park in the centre of town. Definitely a sober perk, being able to drive myself everywhere.

I was nervous that people would notice that I wasn’t drinking and that I would get a barrage of questions. (these girls all like their wine) I found most people were not bothered. Some asked why I wasn’t drinking and I said I was driving and there was no follow-up questions. Others, just didn’t notice at all. Well, apart from one, there is always one!

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Secrets – Day 34

Hubby removed the bottle of Prosecco from the house. I was surprised it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

I could probably have kept it in the cupboard until I could pass it on to someone else, but let’s face it, anything to keep life simpler. We should never tempt fate when it concerns alcohol. One bad day and that bottle could start talking to me.

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My Private Sobriety – Day 32

Yesterday I received a belated birthday present. A lovely bottle of Prosecco! I honestly didn’t know what to say. I graciously thanked them and put it out of sight. It’s made me realise that since beginning this journey of sobriety, concentrating and obsessing over not drinking, I’ve been doing it very privately.

Only a handful of people know I’m not drinking and they have only been told that I’m not drinking, for now. No real reason has been given, apart from, it doesn’t agree with me anymore and I’m sick of dealing with the hangovers. Only hubby knows the real reason. (My complete lack of control of alcohol and how hard it has been giving up.) Continue reading “My Private Sobriety – Day 32”

Mood Swings – Day 29

I am, and have been, in a bit of a funk these past 2 days. Which is a bit ironic after writing my super determined and optimistic last post. Work and family life have been quiet and that has given me the opportunity to read and blog more. This has definitely helped me, thank you my sober blogging friends :-).

I came across an article about PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms) the other day and have been reading up on it.

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An Emerging Thought – Day 27

I think time is passing quicker now, compared to Day 1. I know it is still early days but right back at the beginning, the days definitely past slower. It felt like I’d been alcohol free for ages, then I’d realise, I was only on Day 5. I’d think – Surely, I’ve got my days wrong. I’ve been good for so long. How is it only Day 5?!

Now on Day 27, time has shifted a bit. It has sped up. I’m gaining some AF (Alcohol Free) momentum.

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Nightmares – Day 14

Last night I had a dream that I had been out with friends drinking red wine. At the end of the night, I suddenly realised that I shouldn’t be drinking because I’ve stopped drinking.

I was so disappointed with myself. Later, the dream changed and I was trying to find somewhere to smoke a cigarette! (I gave up 14 years ago). I was so pleased to wake up and realise it was all a dream, phew!

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