Kicking off 2021 – Day 1791

So far 2021 has been a mixed bag. The Mac’s household has experienced some frustrations (Lockdown Life and Renovation Project) and some positives (Pancakes and Snow).

Here’s what we have been up to.

After getting the keys to our new house in December, we are focusing on getting the house renovated and an extension build. Mr Mac and I are not the most patient of people. We prefer to do things ourselves so we can control how things get done and how fast they get done. We’re not control freaks at all!

However, with a renovation this size, and an extension which needs builders and planning permission, we obviously have to rely on others and their expertise sometimes. This can be frustrating as we are not in control, yet necessary so things are done properly.


Mr Mac is the main driver of this project and he is working incredibly hard. I like to think of myself more as chief labourer. Between home-schooling two children and looking after the house (the one we’re living in; not renovating) the remainder of my time is spent stripping wallpaper, filling skips and painting fence posts for Mr Mac.

I welcome the distraction our renovation brings from the mundaneness of Lockdown life. Yes, here in the UK we are still in Lockdown. We’re not allowed to socialise with others and the children are off school again, learning remotely from home.

The renovation project has given me an excuse to get out the house and help which I actually enjoy. I am discovering new muscles and aches no amount of running or Pilates has ever revealed to me. It makes a refreshing change from being stuck in front of a computer all day.

And obviously I’ve dragged the kids off their computers to help out too. Much to their huffing and puffing about how ‘unfair’ it all is.

In spite of their protests, once they are outdoors and their death throes have died down. Their pale faces and sullen attitudes, caused by too much time in their bedrooms, start to transform. They actually start to turn into happy, energetic souls with healthy rosy cheeks. Who knew teenagers actually like being outside?

I for one definitely like this life balance better and I suspect my kids do too, though they would never admit it!

Lockdown Life

2021 hasn’t had the best of starts. Like I said, the UK went straight into another lockdown and the kids never returned to school after the Christmas break. There have been no holidays, not family gatherings, no shopping, no restaurants or cafes and no social entertainment of any sort.

This has meant we have had to enjoy the little things for a while.

A little snow meant we could go sledging

My daughter decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Galantine’s Day and sent her best friends a lovely gift in the post.

We enjoyed pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

I’ll be honest. At times I have felt low. It has felt like Groundhog Day. I have also felt anger and frustration with being told what I am allowed or not allowed to do. 

I work hard to focus on the things l can control and accept the things which I cannot. Which, as a self-confessed control freak, can be hard at times.

I try to catch myself when my self-talk is negative. I try to reframe my thinking to be grateful for what I do have. When I look hard enough there is always something to be grateful for and to look forward to. Even if it is just pancakes.

Coming Up

Kids going back to school soon. Renovation progressing. Spring coming. Mother’s Day. 5-year sober anniversary. Easter and Easing of lockdown.

Mrs Mac x