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Getting sober doesn’t have to be hard. Since 2016 I have lived and breathed sobriety. I have successfully navigated my way through all my sober firsts; though I’m sure there will be more to come.

I have gained so much knowledge and acquired so many tools along the way. I wish I had someone to point me in the right direction in the beginning.

Here at Sober Thinking I want to share with you all that I have learned, so you can get back to feeling like you again.

Loneliness in Sobriety

It’s not uncommon to feel lonely during early sobriety or even years into sobriety. It was certainly the case with ...
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Sobriety While Stuck at Home

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are spending more time at home than ever before and I want to share ...
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International Self-Care Day

Today is International Self-Care Day. It's a great reminder to take some time out of your busy life just for ...
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Sobriety Toolbox Tips

Adding these tips to your everyday toolbox will enable you to deal with the craziness that life throws at you, ...
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When is a Good Time to Quit Drinking?

When is a Good Time to Quit Drinking? The short answer is never. There is never going to be the ...
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What To Tell People When You’re Not Drinking

One of the things I found difficult when I decided to stop drinking, was what to tell people. I didn’t ...
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