40th Birthday Celebrations – Day 737

I’m just back from a trip to the Lake District here in the UK. It was my 40th Birthday last week and I have been planning a short trip away to celebrate the significant day.

2 years ago when I quit drinking I couldn’t think about my 40th birthday without wanting to celebrate it with an insane amount of alcohol. I always thought I’d have either cracked the whole being sober thing or I’d be back drinking again by now.

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The Lull – Day 273

There is always this lull between Christmas and New Year that I have never enjoyed. Where the excitement of Christmas has passed but the preparations for New Year’s Eve are yet to begin.

Christmas Day was great. Everyone came to mine and I cooked for 12 of us. It made being sober easier than expected because I was so busy. I was very protective of my sobriety this year because it was on Christmas Day night last year when I ended 6 weeks of sobriety with a bottle of red wine.

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The Little Things – Day- 103

Just a quick post to say, I had a fantastic weekend away with the family. Camping is hard work; how did I ever do it while drinking? I have never been so grateful for being sober as I was this past weekend.

Camping equates to. Late nights, sleeping on the floor and being woken at 4am by my daughter who assumed it was morning. Not to mention all the equipment you bring and the setting up of the tent etc. Phew. I tell you something though, it was the easiest camping I have done in years due to being sober. I slept better (what little sleep I had lol), my head wasn’t pounding in the morning, no middle of the night wee trips and no tripping over guide ropes drunk!

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At Peace – Day 98

I’m feeling better since my last post. I am definitely bracing the future and not dwelling on the past. I have things good and if a memory from my past pops up to haunt me well, I’ll embrace it and remind myself of who I am now. Without all my alcohol related incidents, decisions, memories would I be the person I am now? Would I be able to marvel at how amazing being sober is? I doubt Normie’s even think about how amazing it is.

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Sun, Sea and No Sangria – Day 54

Two more days until we go on our family holiday. Our own villa and pool for one whole week in the sun. I cannot wait. However, I’ll be honest, I’m feeling nervous. I keep telling myself that this time away will be great without alcohol! But I’ve never had a holiday in the sun without booze before. I don’t want to drink but I am worried this will be my biggest trigger yet.

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