Miserable Night Last Night – Day 92

Could I heck get to sleep last night. All night I kept having memory flashes from my awkward teenage years.

I grew up in a happy, working class family. After doing well at school and college, I got a part time job when I was 16.  Basically, I did all the things you should do during your teenage years BUT I also discovered alcohol.

I was 14 when I had my first alcoholic drink and I loved it. It felt daring and exciting. I felt grown up but above all I loved that buzz you got from it.

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Sleepless – Day 5

I need to talk about my brain not switching off on a night time. All day yesterday I felt unfocused and not able to think straight. A few thoughts of alcohol had popped into my head but I think that was more habit than cravings at the moment. However, on a night time, boy does my brain come alive. Not in a stressed-out way, like when you’re worried about something but rather just random thoughts popping in and out, constant noise!

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