Relapse Prevention Plan

What if you can predict when you’re about to relapse? Can you imagine being able to avoid it before it happens?

There are many red flags that indicate that a relapse may be coming your way. I like to call this the “Pre-lapse Stage”.  Triggers and events that lead up to your relapse.

Having a relapse prevention plan means you will be better prepared to prevent a relapse from happening. Here I’ll show you the common triggers and stages that lead to a relapse so you are better prepared.

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The Lull – Day 273

There is always this lull between Christmas and New Year that I have never enjoyed. Where the excitement of Christmas has passed but the preparations for New Year’s Eve are yet to begin.

Christmas Day was great. Everyone came to mine and I cooked for 12 of us. It made being sober easier than expected because I was so busy. I was very protective of my sobriety this year because it was on Christmas Day night last year when I ended 6 weeks of sobriety with a bottle of red wine.

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