Amsterdam – Day 1588

I have just got back from a mini cruise to Amsterdam with the family. It was a last minute decision but I am so pleased we went.

Lockdown is easing slightly in the UK. We are allowed to visit restaurants and cinema’s and we are allowed to visit with one other households, as long as we socially distance.

It is mandatory to wear face masks in shops and on public transport and other places where you cannot keep to the two metre apart rule. Other places like indoor gyms, swimming pools and concerts are still restricted.

Our decision to go to Amsterdam was a personal one and one we felt was right for our family. The boat we travelled on purposely sailed at half capacity to ease crowding. They have introduced lots of safety measures, such as wearing face masks for boarding and at port terminals. Plus, extra cleaning and staggered dining etc…

Everyone on board was very sensible and we all had a great time. I personally loved that it wasn’t too busy. No queuing and no waiting around felt very chilled. The first thing I laughed at was that our mini bar was full of mini bottles of wine and beer. I would have loved that 5 years ago but we all know them mini bottles would never have been enough!

Luckily we also received drink vouchers for coffee and slushies which is much more me.

Since Mr Mac and I didn’t spend the night chugging back the booze, we all woke up fresh, ready for a big breakfast and to explore Amsterdam. It was a warm sunny day and we walked for miles,making the most of our time there before we had to return to the boat.

There was no point during our little holiday where I thought alcohol would improve the experience I was having. I know enough to realise having alcohol would equal, tiredness, hangover and craving more alcohol… Visiting Amsterdam would have become secondary to the booze and I would have been a very boring wife and mum.

For a very long time alcohol came hand in hand with holidays and sunshine; I could not imagine doing one without the other. However, I have had many holidays since giving up alcohol and I can honestly say the alcohol free holiday’s have been some of the best I’ve ever had. More activities, more energy and more fun!!

We got back to the UK yesterday, no quarantine required. Though we did have to supply some contact details in case anyone on board gets sick in the next 14 days. After not travelling anywhere for the past 5 months our 3 day trip meant the world to us.

Thank you Amsterdam x

Mrs Mac