At Peace – Day 98

I’m feeling better since my last post. I am definitely bracing the future and not dwelling on the past. I have things good and if a memory from my past pops up to haunt me well, I’ll embrace it and remind myself of who I am now. Without all my alcohol related incidents, decisions, memories would I be the person I am now? Would I be able to marvel at how amazing being sober is? I doubt Normie’s even think about how amazing it is.

Anyway, I am nearing my 100 days, this Saturday to be precise. I will be camping in a field with my family and my sister’s family, watching F22’s, Red Arrows, Typhoons and Chinook etc… fly for the International Air Show. Something my hubby and son are really into and I think is pretty cool too. Let’s hope my daughter can handle the noise, ear defenders at the ready.

I doubt I will have any sort of internet so I am just going to enjoy my weekend away and report back next week. I’m not worried about going away and not drinking. Surviving my first sober holiday in May has made going away much easier now.

I think it will be pretty cool to hit 100 days but I don’t see it as a reason to think, “I’ve done it, now I can have a drink!” ( which is what can happen to some) I feel secure that, although this is hard some days, i have made the right decision in becoming and staying sober.

So, here is to the next 100 days and the 100 after that! x

Mrs Mac