The Little Things – Day- 103

Just a quick post to say, I had a fantastic weekend away with the family. Camping is hard work; how did I ever do it while drinking? I have never been so grateful for being sober as I was this past weekend.

Camping equates to. Late nights, sleeping on the floor and being woken at 4am by my daughter who assumed it was morning. Not to mention all the equipment you bring and the setting up of the tent etc. Phew. I tell you something though, it was the easiest camping I have done in years due to being sober. I slept better (what little sleep I had lol), my head wasn’t pounding in the morning, no middle of the night wee trips and no tripping over guide ropes drunk!

I also celebrated my 100 days on Saturday. To be honest I’d forgotten for most of the day as I was distracted with the Air Show we were attending. On the evening though we were all sitting around our tents, me happily drinking my AF beer when hubby leaned over and said ” hey, today is your 100 days, I’m so proud of you”

I love that man. x

Mrs Mac