Bloody Adverts – Day 12

Another day done. I have ignored my cravings quite well today. There have been several fantasies of wine drinking, which I have had to dismiss immediately. I definitely don’t trust myself yet to let my mind linger on them sort of thoughts for too long.

Who knew there was so much coverage of alcohol in our everyday lives, TV ads, TV programs. Ads on Facebook and other social media – It’s everywhere! Beautiful people, socialising and having a drink, looking very happy. I don’t know if that pisses me off or just makes me sad.

A friend of mine was talking about her busy day today and said “well I’ll enjoy my wine tonight after the day I’ve had.” I found myself nodding and agreeing!?!?! What the hell! I just didn’t know what else to say. Alcohol just seems to be an accepted, integral part of our everyday lives.

People know it is not good for us and a strain on our health service, so why is it so widely acceptable? Can you imagine if that was people smoking or adverts for cigarettes? There would be an uproar.

Do you think in 10 – 20 year’s time we’ll see a shift in people’s perception of alcohol and we’ll see it become ‘uncool’ to drink?

Well, I for one hope so because I think alcohol is a bigger problem than most people are willing to admit. x

Mrs Mac