Sober Hubby – Day 884

Hubby is giving up alcohol <gasp>

Mr Mac is not a huge drinker. 2-3 beers on a weekend and maybe 1-2 beers through the week. Absolutely nothing like the daily drinking I was doing. You might say ‘why give up then’? but the question playing on his mind is rather why can’t he give up? If he drinks ‘responsibly’. That is, within the recommended 14 units per week here in UK. Why is it such a struggle to stop altogether? Now, that is the question isn’t it!

By the way – this is no way instigated by me. He has reassured me that he is doing it for himself.

Even though Mr Mac doesn’t drink excessively I would say he is alcohol dependant. (like 80% of the population lol). There are times, like after a stressful day, on holiday or on a night out, he has to drink. He admits, he will find it hard to not drink at these times. Like a lot of people, Mr Mac has FOMO (fear of missing out). Like many of us when we first give up, he believes it will not be as much fun if he’s sober.

I want so badly to show him how good it is on the other side. I want him to know that how he feels now is not how he will feel in 3 months, 6 month or 1 year. Life is more fun and fulfilling sober. I also know that this is his journey, which will be very different from mine. If he is to do this and give it his all, I need to BUTT OUT.

I know he will be able to do the ‘not drinking’ thing for a while but my fear is. Will he do the other work to maintain his sobriety? For example. Will he learn to recognise his triggers; know when it’s the beer monster (addiction) talking? Will he build up a sober tool box full of things to help him deal with any sober situation?

Most importantly for him, I want him to know that a shit night out is just that, a shit night out. No situation was ever made better by pouring alcohol over it. Fact.

I think Mr Mac’s main reason for stopping is he hates the wasted days due to hangovers. (He gets them bad). He is a very hard-working and self-motivated person, who thrives when he is busy, not hungover.
I also believe he hates the idea that alcohol has a hold over him. He once said to me.

I know at some point I’m going to say “I don’t drink that much” and be tempted to drink again. But I know by saying that, it only proves alcohol still has a hold on me’.

It’s such a catch 22 isn’t it!

I guess its day 4 for him. I love him so much and wish him luck on his sober journey. x

Mrs Mac