Sober Socialising and Bongo’s Bingo – Day 1627

I’m not going to lie, sober socialising took some getting used to in the beginning. I felt awkward and uneasy without my alcoholic crutch. However, instead of hiding away and avoiding all social events, I decided to turn up anyway, but on my terms.  The deciding factor, for whether I attended a social event or not was…

“is there a purpose other than drinking alcohol to the event?”

If the answer was “yes” then I would go.

Focusing on the enjoyment I get from catching up with my friends and family and not the alcohol, really helps. I don’t mind sitting in a pub if it means I can have great conversations or listen to some good music. I also organise events that aren’t centred around alcohol, like going to the movies or having a meal out. Often I have my car too, so I have the freedom to leave when I want.

A piece of advice, don’t fall into the trap of becoming designated driver when you stop drinking.

Bongo Bingo

On Saturday I went to Bongo’s Bingo. For anyone who is not familiar, Bongos Bingo it’s a crazy mix of traditional bingo, dancing, karaoke and more. It’s a night of pure nostalgic escapism and great fun. Alcohol definitely was NOT required, though others were boozing it up. I thought there was so much going on it was a crime to dull the senses with a drink. Sober socialising doesn’t have to be boring.

Sober Socialising and Bongo Bingo

One of the best perks was finding a coffee stall with no queue!  While others queued for ages to purchase their overpriced alcoholic drinks, I strolled up to the coffee stall (feeling quite smug) and enjoyed a chat while grabbing a cup of coffee and some shortbread too. The music was blasting and the atmosphere was pumping; I felt great.

Sober Socialising and Bongo Bingo

In my experience, the awkward, uneasy feelings start to dissipate once you’ve successfully navigated a few sober events. Yes, each new sober situation is a learning curve but it helps grow your sober muscles until it becomes the new normal and effortless.

I’m not the most extravert person in the world but I definitely get a high from dressing up and going out with friends and family. I can honestly say I do more and varied things now I’m sober. When I was drinking, that’s all there was, drink. Boring.  

Sober Socialising and Bongo Bingo

Sadly, I didn’t win any bingo prizes on Saturday. I set my hopes on winning a giant unicorn but it wasn’t to be. I laughed, I sang, I danced and then headed home on a natural high having had the best time. Sober socialising at it’s best.

If you’re thinking about trying sobriety, check out the tips in my article How to Stay Sober or download my free getting sober guide Here

Mrs Mac