Losing the Lockdown Belly – Day 1608

After months of staying home raiding the biscuit tin. I have finally come to the realisation that I need to do something about my Lockdown Belly. Like a lot of people, I have put on weight during the pandemic; more than I’m comfortable with.

A word of warning though, dieting in early sobriety is not a good idea. However, you have other beauty benefits to look forward too, which i’ll talk about in a minute.

According to a survey commissioned by SlimFast, a third of the UK population reported gaining half a stone or more since the start of lockdown.

I believe peoples weight gain is a result of eating from boredom or stress along with less activity due to gyms and swimming pools being closed.

My particular lockdown belly is caused by biscuits and not being as active.

So today is day 3 of operation ‘Losing the Lockdown Belly. I feel determined and pleased that I have taken the first steps; acknowledging the problem and coming up with a plan.

Sounds similar to quitting alcohol doesn’t it? – acknowledge the problem and come up with a plan.  

I ate a lot during my first few months of sobriety but I knew I would fail if I tried to quit drinking and diet at the same. My sobriety had to take priority in the beginning. There is always time later, when sobriety becomes easier, to tackle any weight issues you may have.

So, if you are in the early stages of sobriety, I urge you not to worry about your lockdown belly at the moment. Focus on being sober.

The good news is you will find that going alcohol free will throw up a few beauty benefits anyway.

Here’s What I Found in My Early Sobriety.

Weight loss aside, I found my skin looked and felt better. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and can leave you looking red and blotchy but within a few weeks of being alcohol free I was definitely looking more radiant and less red.

I remembered to take my make up off on an evening and used moisturisers before bed. Something I never did while drinking because I used to flop into bed drunk, makeup and all.

Quitting alcohol, gave me more time on an evening, where I would sit plucking my eyebrows or painting my nails. I had time to think about what outfit I would wear the next day instead of just picking up whatever was on my bedroom floor.

A lot of people talk about the health benefits of quitting drinking but I personal like the beauty benefits too. Like many of us, I’m a little vain but starting to look and feel better about yourself does wonders for your self-esteem.

So, for those early in their sobriety journey, leave the lockdown belly alone and enjoy your glowing skin and perfect manicures for now.  For me, at 4 years sober, I will continue with operation ‘Losing the Lockdown Belly’.

Will someone please hide the biscuits now.?! You don’t know how hard it was to take that photo!

Mrs Mac