Good News Headline – Day 1445

The BBC News headline last week made me smile.

‘Nolo beer’ sales rocket thanks to young teetotallers.

The report explains that sales of no or low alcohol beer are up 30% since 2016, as 18-24 year olds increasingly shun alcohol.

I gave up alcohol in April 2016 and back then, there was very little low or non alcohol drinks out there. It is amazing that in the past 4 years, this industry has recognised that there is a growing demand for low or no alcohol.

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AF Beer – Day 82

There’s not a lot happening in my world at the moment, I’m just happily plodding along. I’m sober and I’m happy.

One observation though. While doing the food shop this morning, I bypassed the wine aisle (no cravings) but I felt weird going up the beer aisle for some AF beer. I felt guilty like I was doing something wrong, like someone was going to jump out and shout ‘caught you!’

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Ranty Rant Rant Rant – Day 43

As we enter into the weekend, I want to get a few things off my chest. Nothing major, quite the opposite.

Do I drink AF beer? It is alcohol free (AF) but for some reason, this time round, I have avoided buying/drinking AF beer. I prefer just to have a juice or my favourite, cranberry, lime and soda. So why am I thinking about it? I don’t know. I’ve never been a beer drinker; I am definitely a wine lover. The AF wine does nothing for me. Mainly because it is too sweet and not like a dry chardonnay at all. However, I do think the AF beer (like Becks Blue) does taste like beer.

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