AF Beer – Day 82

There’s not a lot happening in my world at the moment, I’m just happily plodding along. I’m sober and I’m happy.

One observation though. While doing the food shop this morning, I bypassed the wine aisle (no cravings) but I felt weird going up the beer aisle for some AF beer. I felt guilty like I was doing something wrong, like someone was going to jump out and shout ‘caught you!’

You may remember that until I went on holiday a few weeks ago I hadn’t had any AF beer. I was worried it would be a trigger for me. I can report that the few times I have had AF beer, (holiday, sisters party and one last Friday night) I have absolutely not craved the real thing. I have 1 or 2 then move on to my fizzy water.

I only bought them in case hubby and I fancied one this weekend as the grandparents are taking the kids for a rare overnight stay at their house. I’m rather paranoid about getting the absolute zero stuff too, as I’ve seen a few sneaky bottles on the shelf that has as much as 1% in them.

Why have I just felt the need to justify buying AF beer to you guys, Jeez it’s not alcohol. Why did I feel like I was doing something wrong buying AF beer this morning? I don’t feel like having a real beer, it’s just a different drink to have on a weekend or when out. Weirdly, it feels like cheating but I know it’s not. It should be part of my Sober Toolkit. Is this feeling a different trigger feeling or should I give myself a break? After all, I’m not drinking alcohol and that’s the single goal here.

Mmmm, after writing all this down I believe I’m overthinking things. Maybe I just needed some blog therapy. I must sound pretty pathetic to anyone struggling giving up the real thing! I’m off. Hugs x

Mrs Mac