Party Girl – Day 75

Last weekend was my Sister’s, ‘80’s themed’ 40th Birthday Party. Me, hubby and the kids got dressed up, 80’s style, and drove over to her house. I was prepared. I was armed with AF beer for me and Hubby (hubby just didn’t fancy a drink that night) We brought the car, so I had an escape plan and I’d pre-warned hubby that we would not stay late.

It was a blast. There were lots of family and friends I’d not seen in years. The kids played so well with their cousin’s and the time just flew by that we didn’t get home until midnight!

I realised that night, that I’d had fun, real fun. I was confident, had a great catch up with friends and family. I was there for the kids when they couldn’t work out the Xbox (im no expert) or reach the cheese puff balls on the buffet table. I didn’t feel like I missed out in any way at all for not drinking. Yes, those who were drinking started slurring and repeating themselves toward the end of the night but it was time to go anyway. I’d chatted to everyone, my feet hurt and the little ones were shattered.

As I flopped into bed shattered myself, I realised that the party was good because of the people who were there, the silly games we played and the fab 80’s music that was playing. Alcohol would not have made the night any better.

Alcohol would = not remembering the night properly or the people I chatted too
Alcohol would = possible embarrassing falling over at some point.
Alcohol would = slurring my words and repeating myself
Alcohol would = possible arguments with people
Alcohol would = a horrendous hangover to deal with the next day
Alcohol would = the poor kids fending for themselves and seeing mummy drunk.

Alcohol has been intrinsic to every social event since I was 16. One of the hardest parts of giving up alcohol for me is learning how to be social without the liquid courage. I also didn’t really believe I could have fun without alcohol. I thought I’d always be missing out somehow, poor me having to live like this, while everyone else is having fun.

I’m realising that that is utter Bull$hit. Some nights are fun and some nights are not. That is nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with the kind of night out it is, the people we are socialising with and the mood we are in. So, if I have a crap night out in the future, I will not blame my sobriety, it was just a crap night. I will look forward to and remember all the fun, happy nights out I’ve had sober and all the ones yet to come. x

Mrs Mac