Out of Control – Day 1664

The last 2 months have been tough for me. I have got myself into an ugly situation with my eating. Mainly eating anything sweet; chocolate, biscuits, cake etc…

The last time I wrote here was nearly 2 months ago. In that entry I talked about wanting to lose my Lockdown Belly. The kids were going back to school and I was determined to start eating healthy. I was sick of scoffing biscuits and chocolate whenever I fancied. I’d gotten myself into a bad habit over lockdown and I wanted to change.

Well, in true Mrs Mac style I went all in. I’ve always been an all or nothing girl.

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Eating – Day 235

Can you EAT alcoholically? The reason I’m asking is because I’m wondering if I could be at risk of doing so or maybe already am. Over the past few months I have been exercising more and really enjoying it. However, l was disappointed that I hadn’t lost any weight. So, what have I done to help shift the pounds? Eat like a crazy lady, that’s what! Some days I feel motivated and neigh on starve myself. Other days, I sacrifice my dinner, so I can gorge on cheesecake and then hide the evidence. Then, like yesterday I felt so crappy I ate for England and then had a take-away! Which, not surprisingly made me feel crappier. What the heck has happened?

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Addicted to Sugar – Day 140

I know there are many of us who eat a lot of chocolate/sugar when we quit drinking. I was no different. Munching through several chocolate biscuits and pinching the kids Haribos throughout the day is the norm. On an evening, I’d pig out on Maltesers or other chocolate. (I’d always have something to hand). I didn’t mind. I was happy to do anything to keep the cravings at bay and it worked!

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