Addicted to Sugar – Day 140

I know there are many of us who eat a lot of chocolate/sugar when we quit drinking. I was no different. Munching through several chocolate biscuits and pinching the kids Haribos throughout the day is the norm. On an evening, I’d pig out on Maltesers or other chocolate. (I’d always have something to hand). I didn’t mind. I was happy to do anything to keep the cravings at bay and it worked!

Now my cravings have settled but I am still eating a lot and I mean a lot of chocolate. I ate half a family size bag of galaxy minstrels just before bed the other day and woke up with a horrendous headache that lasted all day! I fear my chocolate eating has got out of control. I’m not eating it to stave off a craving anymore, I’m eating out of habit. Today I am going to do something about it. Nothing too drastic, I’m not cutting it out completely, just going to keep an eye on how much I am consuming. I still think cake and chocolate are essential to my sobriety haha. We have to have some treats, right?

So today, I learn to moderate my chocolate. It cannot be as hard as giving up alcohol…. I’ll let you know how it goes. x

Mrs Mac