Making It Work For you – Day 168

I have been meaning to post something for the past two weeks. I vowed I’d get back into blogging once the kids went back to school and normality resumed. However, every time I get the chance to write something, I start to over think it. I ask myself, Is it such a big deal? Am I that bothered anymore? Every time I go to write and get something off my chest, the thing I was going to write about just doesn’t seem important anymore. Well it’s just dawned on me that this is probably a good thing. It shows that I must be dealing with stuff and coping without the need to blog about it every two minutes, right? Well that’s the spin I’m going to put on it.

Cravings have been minimal to practically non-existent. I still make sure I have plenty of rest. And I don’t get too over tired or hungry as I know these are triggers for me. Plus, I always have my emergency chocolate in (just in case). I have even found some frozen chocolate yogurt which tastes just like chocolate ice-cream for less than half the calories.! Also, AF beers, though I don’t seem to drink it as much as I used too.

I much prefer using all my sobriety tools to prevent a craving rather than dealing with a craving. I don’t even know if I need to keep using all my tools. I’m happy though, so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.

I’m actually just back from having a great meal out with friends. It was in a pub but that didn’t bother me as my two friends know I don’t drink and the pub does really good food. We arranged to meet straight from work so we all had our cars so alcohol was not even on the menu for my friends.

Back in my drinking days I would have crammed in 2 large glasses of wine during the meal. Even though that would mean I was over the limit. Once back home I would have polished off a bottle of wine to myself. <sigh> What a sorry state I used to be in.

Tonight though, I had a fab time, eating and catching up. I even drove home via the shop and bought a coffee and slice of cake to take home, ‘cos I could! Night’s like tonight remind me that being sober rules. You just have to organise a night that works for you.

Good night to you all x

Mrs Mac