Just Go with The Flow – Day 133

Well I have made more of an effort this week with catching up and reading blogs. It has helped. The cravings, which were starting to become daily have calmed down and I just feel stronger in my sobriety again.

This week I have learned that I need to just go with the flow a bit more. I love to plan and I don’t like it when my plans are changed. For example. The other day I planned a nice family dinner followed by a family movie night. However, part way through the day we were invited to a BBQ. My first reaction was “I’m not going”. Imagine proper stroppy teenager face. Needless to say, we went and it was fun, we even did our movie night the following day so win win. So why was my instinctive reaction to say No?

A few days later, I was invited to a last-minute kiddie’s birthday party. I debated for ages before eventually doing the right thing and letting them know I could come. Even though the mums were drinking prosecco at 3pm I still had a good catch up and enjoyed it! I felt really good that I did that for my kids and that I didn’t drink. I dread to thinking the mess the other mums would have been in later on that evening.

Anyway, I definitely feel better this week. Mr Mac and I had a rare meal out last night, which is always good and I loved driving back home afterwards. Driving means we can go to so many more places that we couldn’t have gone to in the past. Things are definitely feeling better, just need to go with the flow more. x

Mrs Mac