11 Months today!

Just checking in really. Still sober and cannot believe it is 11 months today. My year is so close. Like a lot of you, I feel like I want to do something or treat me self to something for my first sober anniversary. I think I need to give this some serious thought over the next 4 weeks. I have had a few moments of “is this forever?”. But I believe this is because my year is so close, not because I actually want a drink. I think it is the Wine Witch giving it one last push to trick me into having a drink.

Achieving a year of sobriety is not a reason to pick up the drink again. I’m not ‘cured’ I’ve been down that path before and I’m not going there again.
It’s okay to have these fleeting thoughts. It’s not a craving. I’m so past actually wanting a drink. I cannot help what pops into my brain sometimes. I just need to see it for what it is. My kids would call it a “brain fart!”

I read a lovely post by hurrahforcoffee the other day. She was so positive in her reasons for not drinking. Living life in technicolor! Not numbing out! Being conscious for this one precious life we have. It was amazing to read and really captured (for me) all the good reasons for not picking up that first drink.

Mrs Mac