Easter Weekend in Lockdown – Day 1473

Over this Lockdown Easter Weekend it has felt hard not seeing my parents and my sisters and their families.

Normally, I would have planned a visit to my sisters over the Easter Holidays to catch up and swap Easter Eggs with the children. My parents would have been invited to our house on Easter Sunday for lunch. There would have been drives out for family walks or even a weekend away somewhere.

However, during lockdown none of this can happen. I don’t want to dwell on what I cannot do though. That is too easy and does not actually help me. When I find things which are out of my control, I try to focus on what is in my control.

I may not be able to visit my sisters but we have been calling and video calling. In fact, I think we are probably chatting to each other more than we normally do.

My parents have discovered WhatsApp. We have created a family WhatsApp group and have been sending funny meme’s and quizzes to each other. This is fun and entertaining for all of us, including the kids. We are also thinking about surprising the family with a nice postcard or letter. No one gets nice mail anymore so we thought this would be a great Easter gift.

As a family, we have not been able to drive out for a family walk. However, that has not stopped us going out. During lockdown we are still allowed to go out for exercise. As long as it is near where we live and walkable. As the spring weather arrives we have discovered so many more places around where we live.

Yes, we will not be enjoying a weekend away for a while but while we are on lockdown we have really enjoyed being together. I feel thankful that I have my family living with me.
We are enjoying watching movies together. We have learned that it works better if we all take turns picking the movie. Less arguments that way.

We have re discovered that it’s fun playing board games together. Lately, we have played ‘Risk’ and ‘Monopoly’, though I never seem to win haha

There has been lots of baking going on and we now have more time to all sit down at the table for dinner together. I think this has resulted in me putting on an extra few pounds.

While it may feel hard not seeing my family in the way I am used too and there are many other restrictions on my freedom at the moment. I realise, I just need to shift my focus away from what I cannot control and toward what I can control. There is still so much more I can do and can control.

While things are hard and far from ideal, it is important for me to focus on the positives, no matter how small they may be. I am doing this to help save lives and along the way I am finding other positives too. x

Mrs Mac