It’s Easier Sober – Day 1262

Sunday night, which means laundry, ironing uniforms, kids showers and last minute homework and bedtime stories to do. On Sunday’s I used to start drinking late afternoon and continue through to bedtime. It was my way of making Sunday night chores more ‘fun’.

I look back now and realise the reality was far from fun. I would run around trying to get everything done while quaffing wine. The wine would make me tired and I would resent all the jobs I had to do. I would be angry at my husband for not helping, even though I’d never ask him for help. I was such a martyr.

In a twisted way I had created this uber busy evening because I felt I could justify my drinking if I was busy.

By the time the kids were in bed, I would rush through their story time, more tired than I should have been, while all the time thinking of drinking more wine. Once the kids were settled and I had finally finished my Sunday night chores, I would collapse on the sofa having already drank a bottle of wine. I would be tired and grouchy and feel as if Monday morning was coming faster than I’d like, so I would open another bottle of wine.

No one was having fun back then!

Today, it’s a totally different story. I still have all the same Sunday night chores. I do them without much thought. My kids and husband chip in and help, because I ask. It doesn’t take too long because I am focused and not distracted with imbibing as much wine as I can. I am present and I give everyone some attention before bed.

Once I am finished, I’m not so tired. I have time to relax and enjoy the rest of my evening either reading, blogging or watching a movie, anything I want really. Monday comes but I’m rested and ready.

I know which Sunday I prefer.

My jobs are done for tonight. It’s 9PM and I’ve got my feet up with a cup of Green Tea and Lemon while writing this blog. That’s what I chose to do tonight and I can do it with a clear head and a happy heart.x

Mrs Mac