Relapse Prevention Plan

What if you can predict when you’re about to relapse? Can you imagine being able to avoid it before it happens?

There are many red flags that indicate that a relapse may be coming your way. I like to call this the “Pre-lapse Stage”.  Triggers and events that lead up to your relapse.

Having a relapse prevention plan means you will be better prepared to prevent a relapse from happening. Here I’ll show you the common triggers and stages that lead to a relapse so you are better prepared.

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It’s Easier Sober – Day 1262

Sunday night, which means laundry, ironing uniforms, kids showers and last minute homework and bedtime stories to do. On Sunday’s I used to start drinking late afternoon and continue through to bedtime. It was my way of making Sunday night chores more ‘fun’.

I look back now and realise the reality was far from fun. I would run around trying to get everything done while quaffing wine. The wine would make me tired and I would resent all the jobs I had to do. I would be angry at my husband for not helping, even though I’d never ask him for help. I was such a martyr.

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Doing it Sober is WAY Easier – Day 298

I have returned to work. The early mornings are not as bad as I thought. In fact I’m quite enjoying sneaking out the house before everyone is up. The drive is peaceful and a good time to prepare myself for the day ahead.

I’m conscious about staying positive and not letting myself get overwhelmed. At work I am taking the training and help on offer. This is something I would not have done in the past because I’d tell myself I should be able to handle everything. Work is going surprisingly well and I feel calm and proud of myself.

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Back to Work – Day 288

Everything is going well. I’m happy and enjoying my sober life. I haven’t had any cravings and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. However, I know this can change so I will never get complacent. I’m just enjoying this happy, calm feeling while it lasts.

Back in January 2016 when I was still drinking, I took a year’s career break from my job. I wasn’t coping very well at work. I was stressed and anxious all the time. I thought that if I could only just leave work then my life (and my drinking) would be better. Work knew nothing of my drink problem or any problem for that matter and they agreed to keep my job open until I returned.

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Decisions Decisions – Day 174.

Back in January I made the decision to take a year off work. I am very fortunate that work agreed to keep my job open for me to return to in January 2017. (They know nothing of my problem with alcohol) I made this decision largely because I was so unhappy at work. Corporate Bull**** played a large part in my decision to take a break but also my inability to cope any longer. Remember, that I was still heavily drinking back then. I think my Career Break was me just running away from everything.

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