Avoiding Overwhelm One Day at a Time – Day 1246

Good morning, I’m still anxious about going back to work on Monday but I am not letting my brain think past Monday. I’m keeping ‘in the moment’ as much as possible because that stops my brain future tripping and catastrophising. It reduces the anxiety and overwhelm I feel. Talking to Mr Mac has helped too.

Before my Day 1, I knew deep down that I should quit drinking alcohol. However, I found it very hard to start. As soon as I thought of quitting, my brain would jump to ‘forever.’ My brain would tell me that I won’t be able to do it, that I would fail. It argued that it would be too hard; that there are too many important things going on right now. The voice in my head would get louder and louder until I wouldn’t even try to quit.

My brain is quite able to cope ‘in the moment’ but it is sensitive and becomes anxious if its left to future trip. I have learned that by keeping my thoughts in the moment and just dealing with today it stops my brain spiralling and getting overwhelmed. This tactic allowed me to build some sober momentum and eventually break free from my drinking.

I need to remember that this strategy of staying in the moment to avoid overwhelm, will work for other difficult times too. I need to focus my thoughts on today, then I will focus them on the weekend and then I will let my brain think about Monday but no further than that, for now.

No more ‘Future Tripping’ for this girl.

P.S. It is Mr Mac’s first Sober Anniversary today! Now there is a good thing to focus on. x

Mrs Mac