Note to Self – Day -17

Well, Saturday went well. Pizza with the family did the trick and I went to bed happily catching up on some blogs. Note to self though, never get energy drinks again, yuck!

I bought them so I could have something different to drink. I even bought the organic ones that don’t have any tourin in but I felt very weird after drinking one. The initial boost of caffeine/energy felt good but about 30mins/an hour later I had a thumping head and unable to concentrate. I won’t be doing that again, it was like having a hangover, something I’m trying extremely hard to not ever have again.

It did make me remember a time when Vodka and Redbull was new and all the rage and I would happily drink them on a night out (trebles of course). I used to have the worst hangovers from them and eventually decided I should drink something else as the ‘Redbull’ didn’t agree with me <rolls on the floor laughing*> I continued to drink vodka of course… x

Mrs Mac