Observations – Day 37

I’ve just arrived home after a lovely lunch out with the girls for a friend’s birthday. I took the car and was very proud that I managed to park in the centre of town. Definitely a sober perk, being able to drive myself everywhere.

I was nervous that people would notice that I wasn’t drinking and that I would get a barrage of questions. (these girls all like their wine) I found most people were not bothered. Some asked why I wasn’t drinking and I said I was driving and there was no follow-up questions. Others, just didn’t notice at all. Well, apart from one, there is always one!

She asked straight away, why aren’t you drinking? Well just have one or two if you have the car! Later on, while drinking my fancy mocktail, she asks what’s that? and pulled a face when I explained it was alcohol free.  It wasn’t just me who faced this. Even birthday girl was questioned why she was only drinking singles and not double vodka & lemonades.

What surprised me was that it didn’t really bother me. Out of a big group, there was just one who seemed hung up on my not drinking. I think this highlighted her problem with alcohol more than my problem with alcohol. Hubby said, she was probably just rallying people to keep up with her drinking. This is definitely something I have been guilty of in the past …go on have one more…make that a large one… doubles yeah? Sound familiar?

But do you know what? The fact that it was only one person who challenged me, restores my faith that not everyone is alcohol mad. There are people out there who genuinely don’t care if I drink or don’t drink. When I used to drink, I could never understand why someone would go to a party or dinner and not drink. In other words, I used to be immature, short-sighted and selfish.

This afternoon has been great because it was nice to catch up with friends and above all celebrate a birthday. I enjoyed the lovely food and my posh mocktail. The buzz I had driving myself home was amazing. I felt very grown up. It’s fantastic knowing I haven’t wasted an afternoon and evening or even tomorrow morning, to booze.

I’m having a pink cloud moment. x

Mrs Mac