‘Real’ Sober Friends – Day 47

I love all my soberverse friends out there. Finding people from all over the world, going through the same experiences as myself is amazing. and having that connection is just what I need. I’m finding myself spending more and more time, submerging myself into this world. Blogging, commenting, reading and listening. I think I’m spending so much of my spare time in this world because I don’t have any ‘real’ sober friends to talk to. Or perhaps I just don’t feel ready to talk to anyone about my drinking problem who hasn’t got some sort of understanding of what I’m going through.

I have plenty of friends but it seems all my friends are drinkers. Surprise surprise eh. I guess somewhere over the years I have befriended only the drinking kind. I think it is hard to make new friends as you get older or maybe that is just something I struggle with. However, I would like to connect with a few ‘real’ sober people. Maybe this will just take time. It took years to build up my circle of drinking buddies, maybe I will start to attract a sober circle of friends eventually….

Please don’t ever think that I do not appreciate my online blogging friends. I do and I depend and rely on you all being here, Sharing your thoughts, your own sobriety triumphs and struggles. It is what has got me to day 47 and no doubt will be the biggest influence getting me to day 4447!!
See, just writing this blog has helped. x

Mrs Mac