Relapse Prevention Plan

What if you can predict when you’re about to relapse? Can you imagine being able to avoid it before it happens?

There are many red flags that indicate that a relapse may be coming your way. I like to call this the “Pre-lapse Stage”.  Triggers and events that lead up to your relapse.

Having a relapse prevention plan means you will be better prepared to prevent a relapse from happening. Here I’ll show you the common triggers and stages that lead to a relapse so you are better prepared.

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My Christmas Lull and Pressures of New Year’s Eve – Day 1367

Christmas. I love the idea of Christmas. Heart-warming movies, picking out our tree, meeting up with friends and family, big turkey dinner, I could go on. However, by half way through the holidays I always feel low. I call it the Christmas Lull.

It’s not that I don’t like all the things I’ve listed, I do. I just always get bored and scratchy around this time during the holidays. I always feel like I need to be ‘doing’ something. This is probably due to the sheer amount of lazing around I have done since Christmas day; the fact I cannot take the decorations down yet and I’m getting increasingly worried about the amount of Christmas chocolate my children are eating.

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Free Time! – Day 863

OMG it’s been three months since I last wrote. I have wanted to write many times, but I never did. Even when I had a crappy day, I’ve just got through it, though I KNEW I would have felt better if I just blogged.

What’s that all about eh? This blog is mine, to vent, rant, whine or celebrate anything and everything I want. For some reason, even when I want to blog, I’m hesitant. Like I’m not worthy or something. I seriously need to not over think stuff and just do it.

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I Need Routine – Day 518

Wow, we are coming to the end of the kids 6 weeks holidays here. It has been great, lots of family time, walking, camping and picnic’s etc. However, as much as I’ve loved our time off, I have been feeling low recently. A feeling of, can’t be bothered. Lethargic, I guess. If I get out for a walk or into the fresh air with the kid’s I feel better. I couldn’t work out why I was feeling like this especially when I’m on holiday, but then it hit me a few days ago. I’m bored.

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What Next? – Day 91

I had my last drink on March 31st 2016 so by the end of today I will be 3 months sober.

Even though 3 months isn’t a massive amount of time in the grand scheme of things. I do feel like I have come a long way since my Day 1. I’m starting to get to know myself better. Through all my sober firsts, I’m learning to live my life properly and deal with occasions and situations sober. It isn’t always easy but the more I do it the better equipped I feel the next time.

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Lost – Day 11

The holidays are over and its back to the usual routine. This has made my Day 11 rather difficult. While I have enjoyed being kept busy with work, I now find myself in a lull, somewhere between 4.30pm and the kids bed times. In this time, I do homework with the kids, cook their dinner and generally just be around for them.

The kids seem to demand just enough of my attention that I cannot really do anything without being interrupted but they don’t constantly need my attention, so I find myself aimlessly wandering around the house, doing dishes and checking the dinner.

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