The Goal is to Feel Good! – Day 1417

This morning, I took a walk with my husband. Not a very exciting walk. We dropped the car off at the local garage and walked back home. However, we did go via Costa for a coffee which was good!

I enjoy walking and getting outside in the fresh air. It makes me feel good physically and mentally. I realise that it doesn’t even matter where I walk. What matters is just moving my body and being outdoors.

I have been walking more lately, mainly because I haven’t been out jogging. It’s always the same when the weather is cold and windy. I’m much more motivated to go out jogging when the weather is milder.

In the past, I would beat myself up if I didn’t go out jogging. The negative voice in my head would say, I was useless because I cannot stick to things It would say, I was fat and unhealthy and I should go for a run.

Nowadays, I still hear the voice in my head but I don’t listen to it. I accept that I don’t much like running in the cold. Instead, I go out for a walk or hop on my cross-trainer for a short while. This makes me feel better and the voice in my head is hushed.

I have learned that if I do just 15-20 minutes on my Cross-trainer or even walking, I feel physically and mentally better. And that’s the goal right! to feel better? It’s not about how many miles I run or don’t run. It’s about what I can do to feel physically and mentally better. For me, that can be as little as 15 minutes of walking. x

Mrs Mac