AA or Not – Day 315

I have been going to AA every week for the past 2 months (since 10th December 2016). At the beginning it was twice a week but once I started work last month it had to be once a week. Once I got over my initial nerves, I have always enjoyed the meetings. The one I go to is quite small anything from 5 to 10 people attend. It has been easier to get to know people than the larger groups.

I decided to go to AA because I am always curious about what other help is out there and because I was feeling rather lonely at the time.

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Emotional – Day 245

I tried to go to my first AA meeting today. I’ve been trying to pluck up the courage for 8 months now. I found a meeting near me which was a woman’s meeting.

The hard part was telling my husband. I felt I couldn’t go without telling him first, as it would feel dishonest. He was great. He did ask if I thought I needed it (I still don’t think he truly grasps how bad I was) I said I wasn’t sure but it was something I’ve been wanting to try for a little while.

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