Telling People You Don’t Drink Alcohol

Telling People You Don't Drink Alcohol

One of the things I found difficult when I decided to stop drinking was what to tell people. I didn’t want to sound like I had a ‘problem’. I needed something that would be concise, something that would not encourage questions, yet it still had to require an element of truth for me. Telling people you don’t drink alcohol can have some surprising responses.

Being sober is hard in the beginning and having a plan of what to tell people is actually helpful. Even if it’s none of their damn business. My greatest fear was stumbling over my words, getting embarrassed and ending up sounding like I had a huge problem!

So, What Should You Tell People?

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My Private Sobriety – Day 32

Yesterday I received a belated birthday present. A lovely bottle of Prosecco! I honestly didn’t know what to say. I graciously thanked them and put it out of sight. It’s made me realise that since beginning this journey of sobriety, concentrating and obsessing over not drinking, I’ve been doing it very privately.

Only a handful of people know I’m not drinking and they have only been told that I’m not drinking, for now. No real reason has been given, apart from, it doesn’t agree with me anymore and I’m sick of dealing with the hangovers. Only hubby knows the real reason. (My complete lack of control of alcohol and how hard it has been giving up.) Continue reading “My Private Sobriety – Day 32”