Thank You Bloggersphere – Day 249

This Bloggersphere is amazing. On Friday, I felt very emotional and low. I had no one to talk to, so I wrote my post hoping that writing about my day would help me feel better. What I didn’t expect was all your comments of kindness and support. Sharing your own experiences with me, made me feel less alone and much stronger. Even though we all come from different parts of the world, I feel like I can truly relate to each one of you and I want to say a big Thank You – You all need to come live in England (UK).

As I said, your kindness and support made me feel stronger and I did get back in touch with AA. A lovely lady who is 19 years sober, 19!!! rang me yesterday to talk about the meetings in my area. She is going to check the meeting I attempted on Friday to make sure it is still on and she invited me to go to a meeting with her next Monday.

Even though, I cannot regularly go to meetings on a Monday, I agreed as I think it would be a good idea to try my first meeting with support. I can then find a meeting on the right day that works for me later. She said that we are lucky because there are loads of meetings in our area and people go to lots of different ones. Talking to her was easy, she was so honest and matter of fact. I did not feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about myself. It was such a relief!

I think it has been my feelings of embarrassment and shame which has stopped me from going to a meeting. (I am not very good at asking for help.) However, I think the meetings are the one thing that will help with this. x

Mrs Mac