I Am Whole Again – Day 669

Well, my son is back. My anxiety was up and down all week. Not helped by my daughter falling out with one of her school friends part way through the week. However, on Saturday we picked my son up from the airport and I feel whole again.

We have all learned something from this experience. My Son has gained more independence and a skiing badge! My Daughter has learned that she does miss her big brother after all. My husband and I have both learned that for all we missed our son terribly, we survived and we can rely on each other for moral support. I have learned that I can sit with uncomfortable feelings as long as I remember to use my sober tools.

Drinking over this experience would have been a disaster. My anxiety would have been worse. I would have retreated into myself and would not have sought emotional support from my husband. Drinking would have meant not being present to help my daughter with her friendship drama. Most importantly of all, I would not have dealt with my emotion and therefore grown as a person. I’d be less capable of dealing with the situation next time. Not to mention going back to Day 1.

I have exercised some serious sober muscle this past week and I’m feeling good. x

Mrs Mac