The Serenity Prayer – Day 1459

In my first year of Sobriety I went to AA for a couple of months. This is where I came across the Serenity Prayer for the first time.

These simple words resonated with me immediately upon hearing them. Their meaning hit me somewhere deep inside and I have never forgotten them since.

When I find myself facing a difficult situation and getting overwhelmed, I quietly say these words to myself.

I am not praying to God; I use the words to remind myself that we cannot control everything in life.

At the moment, I hear a lot in the news and from my family about the things they cannot do anymore; due to the UK’s current self-isolation measures.

There is a lot we cannot control and it is hard. Very hard for some. I hear myself telling people, not to dwell on the things we cannot control for now, but instead concentrate on the things we can control.

I see a lot of cafes and restaurants turning into online takeaway’s and I see taxi drivers becoming delivery men for Amazon and the likes. Mr Mac is concentrating on building up other aspects of his business, while he has time. And not dwell on the parts of his business that are suffering.

A lot of people are accepting that they cannot do what they normally do and are embracing what they can control. It may not be perfect. But it’s better than worrying about things that are out of our hands.

As for me, I am struggling with not being allowed to go places or see my parents and friends. It’s not until your freedom is restricted that you realise how much you took it for granted.

I am making sure I go outside everyday for a walk. It’s a bit repetitive, walking the same routes. However, walking outside helps me, in a small way to connect with the world.  Mr Mac and the kids can even be persuaded to join me too (sometimes)!

I believe having this outlook on life comes straight from knowing the Serenity Prayer. I am grateful to AA for sharing this with me. It’s not always easy, but even when things seem bad, there is usually a small, sometimes tiny thing we can control.

Let’s focus on that. x

Mrs Mac